Refractarios Peruanos S. A.(Repsa)
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Refractarios Peruanos S. A. (REPSA), was formed in 1955 to serve the refractories requirements of Peru and the neighboring countries on the Pacific Coast of South America. The home office and modern plant are located at Calle Materiales 2828, five miles from the port of Callao and three miles from the center of Lima. The company's own siding on the Central Railway of Peru as well as direct access to the Central and Pan American Highways assures the prompt and economical distribution of REPSA products throughout the area. Until 1989, Harbison-Walker Refractories, from Pittsburgh, Pa., owned the majority of the REPSA's shares. At present, REPSA operates under the ownership of ODNAMARA INC. but continues as a Harbison-Walker Technical Licensee, now RHI Refractories America. REPSA's products, which carry the Harbison-Walker brand names, are fully equivalent in service to the same products as manufactured in the United States. Refractarios Peruanos is in the position not only to supply the various standard brands, but also to provide modifications of these brands, as made in the United States, to meet specialized requirements. Refractarios Peruanos has taken advantage of the unique qualities of its clays to develop an outstanding group of high-duty fireclay refractories under its own brand names. Major industries in the market area of REPSA include the nonferrous metals, particularly copper, lead, and zinc, together with steel, ceramic ware, portland cement, glass, foundries, food processing, and many types of heating furnaces.

Refractarios Peruanos S. A.(Repsa)

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